A Year in Pictures – Fushimi Inari Fountain

Fushimi Inari Fountain
Fushimi Inari Fountain

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Shrines in Japan have fountains at which you are expected to purify yourself (by pouring water over your hands at a minimum). Some of them are pretty plain, but others — such as this one at Fushimi Inari — are sculpted in awesome ways. Inari, being associated with foxes, naturally gets a fox fountain.

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  1. Jo Anne Lindberg

    I just discovered Witch in a free library at the resort I was staying in recently. I was looking at your web site and noticed that you have an affinity for Japan. Interestingly, I was in Japan in 2011. One of the things I do is Asian bodywork in the form of shiatsu. I really enjoyed your pictures. I plan to find and read more of your books. They seem Divinely inspired! Thanks for your work!

    • swantower

      Thank you! I’ve been to Japan twice, and will be going back this summer; I’m very much looking forward to it.

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