I knew this was coming

Oh god, book. You’re going to run long, aren’t you?

Of course you’re going to run long. We’re at eighty thousand words, and Isabella has only just reached Lahaui. There’s still [spoiler] to recognize, [spoiler] to steal (again), [more spoilers] to find, and then [great big spoiler] before we can have our denoument. I don’t think I’m going to manage that in the next ten thousand words.

. . . bugger.

Has any author anywhere in the world ever written a series that got shorter as it went along? (Probably.) But the natural tendency of series seems to be to acquire a few thousand extra words here, a few thousand there, as you get more accustomed to the characters and the setting and find more interesting (and complex) (and wordy) things to do with them.

Oh well. I suppose I should just be glad this isn’t In Ashes Lie, running thirty thousand words over my original estimate. NEVER. AGAIN.

131 more words to go tonight, and then I can stop. Because three 3K days in a row is fun! >_<

(Actually, it kind of is. But only because I’m filling those 3K wodges with pulp-tastic adventurey goodness.)

4 Responses to “I knew this was coming”

  1. Susan

    I don’t know; think of just how much worse of a problem you’d have if you were chronically running short. Grumbling about riches, are you?

    • swantower

      Both can be a problem! In particular, running long makes it more likely you’ll miss your deadline (in fact, I had to talk to my editor about having a little more time to work on this book), and if you run long by enough, it actually creates trouble on the production end, because it increases the cost of printing the book. But it wouldn’t be good if I were substantially under count either, no.

  2. Jaws

    Well, I can think of one, but I’m strongly suggesting that it’s not a good model for emulation: Gormenghast. When the last book in your trilogy is shorter because you died and the incomplete draft was published as the third volume, you’ve at least managed to avoid things getting progressively longer…

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