It doesn’t have to be pretty; it only has to work

Welcome to the thing I’ve been meaning to do for, oh, two years now? By which I mean, I am posting to you from my new WordPress installation, which is hosted on (nearly) the same server as my website, putting all of this more properly under my control. (How can it be nearly the same server? It’s a server administered by my brother, who also runs the server that has my site, but at the moment they’re separate due to technical issues that will be solved when he has a spare moment to run the upgrade he’s been meaning to arrange for the last two years.)

Anyway, if all goes well, this will also crosspost to Dreamwidth and LJ. We’ll see what happens when I hit “publish.”

You may notice that the actual WordPress page isn’t very pretty yet. That will be fixed — hopefully soon — but right now, the priority was to get this up and running. In fact, you might say that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. 😛 Let’s see if it works!

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