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  1. yhlee

    Now if you were asking about knees…I think my knees are nothing but scars. It’s just as well my husband wasn’t expecting me to be pretty.

  2. stormsdotter

    I have a scar that corrected my cleft lip. Please feel free to pick my brain about women’s facial scars!

  3. chomiji

    My younger sister has one, though. First she split her chin while she was still a toddler, crawling up the front stairs of our childhood home (no carpet on the stairs at that point. Then, several years later, when she had a habit of rocking her chair back on two legs at the dining table, she felt herself going over backward one night, and she rocked forward so hard that she split her chin again on the edge of the table, right at the same spot.

    (I was a very cautious child, physically, so these episodes made a big impression on me.)

    • wshaffer

      I have a very faint scar on one cheek from a daring crib escape when I was about a year old. (Also known as “Part One in the Saga of the Visit from Child Protection Services”.)

  4. maribou

    FWIW, my scar is because I had a cyst removed, not because of faceplanting.

  5. hakamadare

    in my younger days i once went over the handlebars of a BMX bike and hit a big rock with the point of my chin. hooray for beards!


    • shadowkindrd

      I was about seven, fell on ice, hit the step to the dairy barn, chipped my front two teeth, and got a cut under my chin that scarred. Cue fear of ice and roller skating in three, two…

  6. attackfish

    When I was four, my grandmother took me and my brother to the bowling alley to get us out of the way of a party my mom, the newly minted nurse, was holding for people at the hospital. My grandmother was bowling, and I wanted to run out to see her, but I didn’t have my bowling shoes on, so my brother put his foot up to stop me. But he didn’t bring it up fast enough, and I tripped over it, and cracked my chin open. My grandmother decided there was no point in taking me to the hospital when my mother’s house was full of doctors, nurses, and paramedics anyway.

  7. libris_leonis

    Honestly surprised by the proportions of men… perhaps related to the increasing switch to electric razors and/or “designer stubble” and/or the resurgent social acceptability of beards?

  8. aulus_poliutos

    Well, no scar on my chin, but one on my nose and several on the rest of my body. Riding, sword fighting, growing up a wild child who climbed trees and all that will do that to you. I also love wearing skirts and use nail polish; I care to look good when I leave the house, but I would never hide a scar.

    Now find a drawer to put me in. *grin*

  9. maladaptive

    Though if you’re asking about faceplanting: when I was seven or so I jumped from a golf cart and until my mid-twenties I had a relatively small chip missing from one of my front teeth. My dentist said “oh we can put a crown(?) on that.”

    Not sure if it’s a crown but there’s a fake tooth thing covering it up. Dunno why it took nearly two decades though….

  10. diatryma

    My sister has that scar, though.

  11. wolfheart17

    The scar is mostly faded and is from an episode when learning how to ride a bike. Of course now it is not visible behind the beard.

  12. redbird

    I do not have a scar on the underside of my chin because the doctor who stitched that wound knew what he was doing. Or maybe because 12-year-olds heal well.

  13. teleidoplex

    Not only do I have a scar on the underside of my chin (from falling off a bike and whacking my chin on concrete), but I have a pic of me doing a Yankee Doodle Dandy tap dance with a huge bandage taped to my jaw. Also, I’ve started growing whiskers out of my scar. Just three or four. I pluck them. It’s weird.

  14. sgac

    Age 16, queueing up to collect school stationery on a 30-degree day in a stuffy classroom, had eaten no breakfast. Fainted, clipped a bookshelf on the way down. Cut my chin and chipped a tooth. (I also fainted in the shower once. On that occasion my mum heard the thump and rescued me before I could drown.)

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