in which the author is quite chuffed

A number of you probably know about this by now, but: NPR has included A Natural History of Dragons in their Best of Year . . . Venn diagaram . . . Oort cloud . . . not-actually-a-list . . . thingy.

Basically, although it looks like a list, what they’ve done is go the tag route. That’s the “science fiction and fantasy” tag, but if you click on ANHoD there, you’ll find it’s also tagged “love stories,” “for history lovers,” and “it’s all geek to me.” (You can also read Annalee Newitz’ recommendation.) Anyway, this is pretty awesome — like, “it has apparently had a measurable effect on sales” levels of awesome.

Plus there’s also this: A Natural History of Dragons was picked as one of the top 15 books of the year by’s book editor Dan Kois. Put that together with the Goodreads semifinalist thing, and the fact that there are still new reviews coming in at a steady pace, and, well, see the title of the post. Quite chuffed. Quite, quite chuffed. It’s good encouragement to have as I tackle the dreaded Middle of the Book for #3.

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5 Responses to “in which the author is quite chuffed”

  1. kitgordon

    You should definitely be very chuffed: congratulations!

  2. jimhines

    Awesome news! Congratulations!

  3. akashiver

    Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to teach History in one of my fantasy classes…

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