Hear ye, hear ye . . . .

A Natural History of Dragons is now an audiobook.

Actually, it’s been an audiobook since Friday, but I was busy running around doing other things and didn’t manage to post about it right away. And then it was the weekend, so I waited. Mondays need fun things to liven them up, don’t you think?

I haven’t yet heard the thing myself, but I did correspond with the narrator beforehand, and based on that I expect she did an excellent job. She asked all the kinds of questions you’re supposed to hope your narrator asks, like how to pronounce things and whether you have any models in mind for what the voices should be like and so on. (In fact, her pronunciation of the names is probably better than mine, since my instructions included a lot of things like “this is how I say it, but it’s supposed to sound like French and I’m terrible at that so ignore me if I’ve got it wrong.”)

So if you’ve been waiting for the chance to listen to the book — those of you with driving commutes or gym workouts or such — now you can!

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2 Responses to “Hear ye, hear ye . . . .”

  1. muse_books

    I’ve marked it on my wishlist!

    I don’t commute for work but I do travel to a zoo some miles away for volunteer work twice a week and I always have audiobooks in the car and on a MP3 player (that handles Audible) that I listen to during ‘quiet times’.

    Big fan of the format.

  2. Anonymous

    More Marie Brennan for my Nook would be nice…just bought Doppleganger, noticed #2 isn’t available for the Nook, and the rest I will get soon.

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