FandomAid fundraiser for the Philippines

The death toll and destruction in the Philippines have been nothing short of horrific. The LJ community FandomAid has put together a fundraiser — not an auction but just a “Buy It Now” sale. Since my time is limited, I’m offering stuff that already exists, to whit, books.

Offer #1: signed ARCs of A Natural History of Dragons

Offer #2: signed ARCs of The Tropic of Serpents

There are five copies of each on offer (because that’s all I have left of ANHoD, and about all I can spare of TToS). The ARCs have full-color covers and all the interior illustrations, but not the maps; inscriptions can be personalized on request. The price is $10 in the US, $15 overseas, and the books will go on a first come, first served basis. You just make a donation to one of the approved charities — there’s a list here.

If you want to donate more, please do. They need it.

And if those offers don’t float your boat, browse the post for more. There’s eleven pages of comments already, and more to come, I’m sure.

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