ARCs are here!

Look what showed up on my doorstep today!

As you can see, this ARC is decidedly more ARC-y looking, which is to say, more like a promotional thing than a copy of the book that just happens to be more cheaply printed. That wall o’ text on the cover is pull-quotes from a bunch of reviews for the first book, with the actual cover art squeezed into the corner there. But the text is the real deal (minus a few tweaks made during page proofs), and the interior art is in place, though the maps aren’t. So: on its way to being a Real Book!

I realized, dreadfully late, that I never did announce the results from the icon contest I did ages ago. [personal profile] obaona, as you may have seen from the icon on this post: you’re the winner! You can have a signed copy of either A Natural History of Dragons, or one of these pretty, pretty ARCs. Just e-mail me (marie {dot} brennan {at} gmail {dot} com) and let me know where to send it.

I will, of course, be looking for excuses to send more of these things to good homes. That will have to wait until after my trip, though. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to content yourself with the picture. ^_^

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5 Responses to “ARCs are here!”

  1. desperance

    I could offer a good home to one of those, I am just sayin’. We both know that m’wife is safe to buy a proper copy anyway, as & when, but, well. *drums fingers in traditional manifestation of impatience*

  2. Anonymous

    :tries to figure out how to be added to the excuse list: Does loving and adoring With Fate Conspire count?

  3. teleidoplex

    Eeeee! I want to look tomorrow!!

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