Two — I mean three — more books!

Because late on a Friday is the best time to put out pieces of major news. 🙂

Many of you know that my intent has always been for the Memoirs of Lady Trent to be a five-book series, of which Tor had already purchased the first three. Well, as of today I am allowed to tell you that now we’re set for all five: they have offered a contract for the remaining two, ensuring that the entirety of Lady Trent’s story will be told.

And! Bonus!

They have also made an offer for a third, unrelated book. That won’t be coming out until after this series is done, so it’s years off yet; don’t look for me to be talking about it all that much here. (Especially since it’s entirely possible that three or four years from now, we’ll decide that it ought to be something else than what we’re planning on right now.) But if you want a teaser, well, let’s just say it might be inspired by this song and involve a few weeks of research here. ^_^

So yeah, I’m bouncing over here. How about you?

8 Responses to “Two — I mean three — more books!”

  1. silme

    Fantastic news!!!

  2. maribou

    Well, I’m bouncing NOW. 😀 😀 😀

  3. auriaephiala

    Congrats! Looking forward to four more in the series!

  4. martianmooncrab

    *mournfully* I would be bouncing even more if they were in my grubby little book claws..

  5. yhlee


  6. hawkwing_lb

    Excellent! Congrats!

  7. alessandriana

    Yay! Congrats, that’s awesome! 😀

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