I bet somebody asks for this at Yuletide

. . . so let me get this straight. The Kurgan is hanging out in Sleepy Hollow, where the Four Horsemen are terrorizing people and chopping off heads?

Nah, that doesn’t bring anything to mind.

3 Responses to “I bet somebody asks for this at Yuletide”

  1. mq_musings

    I squeeled in so much glee that the neighborhood dogs still have headaches. If there had been cause for Mr. Brown to don a priest’s robe during the episode, I might have fainted.

    Side note: I recently ordered a Highlander season from a local store. The clerk said, “Oh, my Mom *loves* that show!” I was like, “… when did HL become a ‘Mom’ show?” (Also: Teenagers, plz quit comparing me to your mothers. Thank you.)

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