Trans activism, language, and Yuletide

I know, I know — that’s a very motley assortment of things to stick in one post. But I’m going out of town tomorrow, and the rest of today is liable to be very busy, so I’d rather combine them than let one fall through the cracks.

The serious and important one first: I have signed on to this statement in support of trans-inclusive feminism. Because I know several people for whom this is not a matter of theory or debate, but their daily lives, and anything I can do to make that easier for them is absolutely worth doing.

Signing a statement is a minor thing, but I hope that mentioning it here is a larger one. And yes, I am thinking about ways to reflect this in my writing.

On a lighter note, my post at SF Novelists this month is “Lingua universalis fantasiae”, on the tendency of fantasy worlds to default to a “Common Tongue.” Comments on that post should go over there on SF Novelists, por favor.

Finally, and most frivolously, Yuletide nominations are open. Yes, I know it’s only September; we’re on a leisurely schedule this year, rather than cramming everything into November. The Yuletide member community is here as usual, if you are looking for more info and discussion.

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2 Responses to “Trans activism, language, and Yuletide”

  1. misslynx

    You’d think that whether or not feminism should be trans-inclusive wouldn’t be a debate we’d still be having in 2013, but given some of the horrific bigotry I’ve seen from so-called “radical feminists” (like there’s anything radical about treating gender like a biologically determined, inescapable straitjacket?), apparently it still is, and statements like the one you signed are still needed… Good for you for signing it!

    • Marie Brennan

      I see where it comes from; if being against patriarchy leads you to be anti-men, then anything connected with men (like being born biologically male) makes you suspect.

      That doesn’t make it good reasoning.

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