Happy my birthday to you!

I’m borrowing my approach from [personal profile] mrissa, who says, quite reasonably, that one should of course hope for others to have a happy time of it on one’s own birthday.

I can’t be a proper hobbit and give presents to you all, but I do have one thing: for the entire month of September, Lies and Prophecy is a dollar off at Book View Cafe. (I’m also going to have something else for you guys later this month, but it isn’t ready quite yet.)

Have a lovely day! I certainly intend to.

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18 Responses to “Happy my birthday to you!”

  1. mrissa

    Yay, happy your birthday!

    Please continue to stick around and grow older at a rate of one day per day. Thank you.

    • Marie Brennan

      I wouldn’t say no to a slower rate of aging (she said, wiggling the big toe that is taking forever to get over being sprained). But in general, yes. 🙂

  2. kitgordon

    Hope the birthday and the year ahead are completely amazing!

  3. lowellboyslash

    Happy your birthday!! I hope you liked the mixes!

    • Marie Brennan

      I do! It will take me a while to work through them, but I will probably e-mail you at some point with bouncy comments about my favorite bits. 🙂

  4. brooksmoses

    Happy birthday, indeed!

  5. alecaustin

    Happy Brynniversary!

  6. marycatelli

    Many happy returns of the day.

  7. carbonel

    Happy your birthday!

  8. tekalynn

    Happy birthday and many more!

  9. teleidoplex

    But where is your ‘I did all the things!’ post? I look forward to it every year 😀

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