Big news at Book View Cafe

Y’all, I have been sitting on this for months. You have no idea how good I’ve been, not even hinting at it before now.

Book View Cafe Signs Deal with Audible

This thing is huge. More than a hundred titles, and that’s just the beginning; I can’t divulge details, but we’re going to continue working with Audible going forward, creating audio adaptations for more of our catalogue. (So while neither Lies and Prophecy nor Deeds of Men are part of this deal, there might be news about them at some point in the future. Maybe. <cough cough>)

And honestly, this is only the most publicly visible awesome thing that’s been happening at BVC. We have partnerships with places like Overdrive, which supplies ebooks to libraries, and are even looking into selling foreign rights. Day by day — thanks to the efforts of my fellow members — the organization is growing into something really amazing.

(Oh, and check out our spiffy new front page while you’re at it. Isn’t it shiny?)

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2 Responses to “Big news at Book View Cafe”

  1. shveta_thakrar

    Hooray! Great job, all of you. 😀

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!

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