tonight’s random experiment

My braid weighs approximately six ounces.

For those of you who were wondering.

(It doesn’t sound like that much, does it? Though when I said “so my hair in its entirety probably weighs about half a pound,” that sounded like a good deal more.)

(This experiment was brought to you by the bun into which I had put my hair for karate starting to pull painfully on my scalp, and me wondering just how much weight I had hanging in a lump off the back of my head.)

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m curious as to how you weighed it!

  2. thanate

    How did you go about weighing your braid? (I confess to some desire to attempt a similar experiment, but I’ve always had trouble with the bit where it’s still attached to my head, and thus I’m always holding some of it up or adding my head into the measurement.)

    • Marie Brennan

      We have a kitchen scale, so I put my braid into the cup and had my husband move my head until it was in the best position to be weighing the entire braid sans head. (Then he read the scale, because of course I couldn’t.)

      It’s still just an approximation, of course. πŸ™‚

      • thanate


        A similar experiment seems to say that I’ve got .6 pounds of weighable braid. (Who designed a scale that reads in tenths of pounds I do not know.) My husband asks if this means I win, though in fairness I ought to retry the measurement in a year or so after I’ve got though the post-pregnancy losing two years of hair in one thing.

        Thanks for the technique and incentive to experiment. πŸ™‚

  3. livejournal


    User referenced to your post from Factoids saying: […] *working from ‘s similar experiment […]

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