stories for reading and voting upon

Thank you to everybody who’s been offering feedback on the research thing; I’ll be posting more about that in a little bit, and also the icon dealie from before. (A lot of things have been delayed by busy-ness around here.)

But first!

First, I must tell you the happy news that Mythic Delirium has begun its spiffy new relaunch. And as part of that relaunch, you can read “The Wives of Paris”, which might just be one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written. It isn’t the story I intended to write, mind you — there’s an author’s note about that at the end — but it’s the story that came out of my fingers when I started typing, and it’s apparently what happened when my Inner Folklorist slips her leash (and takes the snark with her).


Beneath Ceaseless Skies is doing their annual reader poll to select stories for the “best of year” anthology. Despite not having done much on the short story front lately, I do have one in the poll: “The Ascent of Unreason”, aka the most recent Driftwood story. (And it’s a happy Driftwood story! For realz! Not all depressed about the ends of the worlds and stuff!) The story is free to read on the site (or to download as a pdf, epub, mobi, or audio podcast), and if you like it you can vote for it in the poll. And vote for other things, if you like them, too — you can pick up to five. Heck, you can even vote for five stories and leave mine out. 🙂 But anyway, go forth and vote your conscience.

That’s it for now; more later on the aforementioned topics.

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