The Tropic of Serpents, revealed!

I can’t decide whether the people at Tor are mean, or love you very, very much. (Can they be both at once?) You see, The Tropic of Serpents won’t be coming out for another eight months . . . but we have cover art now, and they’ve decided to make it public.

Can I just take a moment to say how pleased I am with myself? Also with Todd Lockwood, of course, who once again has turned in an absolutely gorgeous piece of work, and let’s not forget Irene Gallo (the art director at Tor) and everybody else involved in making this happen. But myself, too, because a few months back I was sitting here chewing on concepts and trying to figure out how we could repeat the general look of A Natural History of Dragons without pulling the same anatomical cut-away trick every single time. Then I hit upon the idea of a motion study, and lo: it worked!

You all know what this means, of course. I need an icon! Post your best efforts in the comment thread, and if I pick yours, you can have your choice of either a signed copy of A Natural History of Dragons, or an ARC of the sequel when those become available.

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0 Responses to “The Tropic of Serpents, revealed!”

  1. aliettedb

    Oooh, this is awesome!

  2. hawkwing_lb

    That is beautiful.

  3. kateelliott

    Wow. That’s gorgeous.

  4. calico_reaction

    Oh wow, fabulous! Can’t wait to get my hands on the hard copy! Congrats!

  5. threeringedmoon

    It’s beautiful. I very much enjoyed Natural History, and look forward to Tropic.

  6. obaona

    That is an absolutely beautiful piece of art, so I did my best not to mess with it much. 😉 I didn’t know if you wanted the text or image focused on, so I kept both. Just let me know if you’d like changes.

  7. findabair

    Absolutely gorgeous! And yes, I’d say TOR can be both at once 🙂

    I tried my hand at some image blending, with the results here:

    (I realise I have no idea how to post an image in an LJ comment, so. But I hope this works.)

  8. teleidoplex

    Even better in color

  9. raktajinos

    wow thats gorgeous! I didn’t want to alter *too* much of it, enhance the greens a bit.

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