a long shot

Does your university library have a copy of Victorian Colonial Women’s Travelogues: Early British Colonial Rule in East Africa, by Benjamin M.O. Odhoji?

Are you willing to take a brief look at it for me and report back?

If so, ping me. Here or at marie {dot} brennan {at} gmail {dot} com. Stanford’s library has for once failed me.

EDIT: I’ve now heard from two people that the book isn’t even listed in Worldcat, so, um, nevermind. <sigh>

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0 Responses to “a long shot”

  1. shui_long

    Neither University of Reading Library nor Cambridge University Library have heard of it. It probably hasn’t made it across the Atlantic…

  2. ashcake

    Worldcat has two entries for a single article by that author; it doesn’t have that particular book listed.

  3. yhlee

    I see a book by that title and author on ABE, but copies run at $65 on up. 🙁

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