Tour schedule for next week

I also posted this to my site, but here it is for more noticeable access:

Wednesday, February 6, Seattle, WA

Thursday, February 7, Portland, OR

  • 7 PM — reading and signing at Beaverton Powell’s

Friday, February 8, San Diego, CA

Sunday, February 10, San Francisco, CA

And then April 20-21, I’ll be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. As for my convention plans for the rest of the year, I need to sort those out . . . .

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0 Responses to “Tour schedule for next week”

  1. rachelmanija

    If you have any time while you’re in LA, I would love to take you out.

  2. wshaffer

    Are you coming to FOGcon?

  3. Anonymous

    Alas, no. This month and next are just so crazy-busy, I need to take it easy in March — plus I have a karate seminar that weekend anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    That’s totally understandable. Taking it easy and punching a few people actually sounds like a great plan for March all around!

  5. Anonymous



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