Current and upcoming ANHoD stuff

First off, SF Signal is currently doing a Book Cover Smackdown!, Dragon Edition. Head over there to see the four covers A Natural History of Dragons is competing against, and vote for your favorite. (Hint, hint . . . not that I’m biased or anything.)

This and the reviews that have started popping up are the leading edge of the flood. ANHoD comes out February 5th, and starting then, I am going to be ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I’m not kidding; this blog tour we’ve got planned is srs bsns. I’ve done what I can to make sure I’m not horribly repeating myself, though, so at least you won’t be seeing the same guest post in seventeen places.

But wait! There’s more!

I am going to be traveling the weekend after the book’s release, doing signings in Seattle (2/6), Portland (2/7), San Diego (2/8), and San Francisco (2/10). I’ll post pretty soon with the details of those events, i.e. times and locations. If you’re local to any of the four, please do stop by!

And, last but not least, I will be repeating the Month of Letters experiment from last year, this time with Isabella as your correpondant. So in February, you can write to her and receive a handwritten, wax-sealed letter in return. (I’d better start practicing my cursive again . . .)

Oh yeah, and I’m finishing the second book right now and will be revising it some time in the middle of all that stuff. Because I am not a sensible person. Whee!

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  1. desperance

    San Francisco (2/10)

    Excellent. If we’re not booked elsewhere (K will know), we’ll be there.

  2. teleidoplex

    Can I still send last year’s letter to Cerenel? >.>

  3. bookblather

    Month of Letters again? JOY! I still treasure the one I got last time.

    *begins contemplating letters*

  4. tooth_and_claw

    Your cover wins that contest hands down, and I’m not just saying that as a friend. It is my Professional Opinion.

  5. ramblin_phyl

    Let me know about Portland! I’m outside the city but have car.

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