Dear Apple

I understand wanting to make improvements to your program. But when I install a new version of iTunes and it defaults to a different layout that is HORRIBLE and NOTHING LIKE WHAT I HAD BEFORE, and I have to hunt around to 1) find what to click on to get a toolbar and 2) experiment in that toolbar to get back the navigational framework I had before? That is not an improvement. That is me staring in horror at what you’ve inflicted on me and praying to high heaven I can get it back to what it used to be. (Which I could. Thank god.)

Don’t do that to me again.

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  1. gelsey

    My brother had a very similar reaction. Thus why I have not updated itunes yet.

    I think I’m going to get a non Apple mp3 player … Not like Itunes works right for me as is anyway.

    • Marie Brennan

      I like iTunes . . . or I did. If they screw it up, I’ll have to look for something else. (Which will suck, because I have a bazillion playlists I’ve built in it.)

      I faintly remember hearing something about the interface changing, but it took me until now to get around to updating. Gah. It really is awful.

      • gelsey

        I’ve always found itunes to be one of the most in-user friendly music programs ever. Of course, I was an unwilling convert from Windows media player, and list all ky playlists there when I got my ipod.

        It never organizes my audio books correctly. Whenever I want to listen to something, I have to click it chapter by chapter… And that gets old very fast.

  2. wshaffer

    A colleague of mine who is a UI designer had some choice words about the new iTunes interface. My best guess is that they wanted to make the interface more consistent with the iPad/iPhone interface. Because apparently what I really want in my life is to do all my computing on a mouse-controlled phone with a 26 inch display. Nothing wrong with that idea!

    • almaeron

      I had the same reaction when I updated without realizing what it was. I thought the iPhone/Pod/Pad interface was limited due to size constraints… why would I want my full power computer to have artificial restraints?

    • Marie Brennan

      Seriously, the information density it defaults to is appallingly low. I do not want to have to scroll eighty gabillion times to find what I want.

  3. almaeron

    I had the same reaction in my facebook status when I updated. This is actually twice that they’ve made big changes to the iTunes appearance that I didn’t like. I got used to it the first time (it was mostly colors and such then), and this time I’ve found options to return most things to pretty close to how they were before, but I’m still irked that my movies no longer display the runtimes under them when I view them in the “pictures” display (whatever that’s officially called). I’m also vexed by the addition of the “home movies” tab, because I purchase Rifftrax shorts off their website, download them, and then watch them with iTunes for organizational purposes, and I lost a few of the newer ones for awhile because iTunes now classes anything I don’t buy from the iTunes store as a “home movie” I guess. And I had no idea that was a thing until I used the search option in desperation. Stepping away from user-friendly is the wrong way to go…

  4. mq_musings


    A friend gave me a song as a gift. Before I could download it, I was forced to update. After I did the update, it was an hour of me cursing and head-desking before I could figure out how to get my song.


    I wanted to buy a song, but when I start the purchase, there’s a pop-up box that “asks” me to “help” them with their security. Cancelling the box cancels the download. Continuing the box sends me to a screen that prompts me for security questions/responses… but the answer fields aren’t live. So because I can not input answers, the interface won’t let me continue. Their own program is preventing me from giving them money. How whacked out is that?

  5. alecaustin

    I haven’t updated yet, but I’ll also want this information if I ever do. Which I’m sure I’ll have to, eventually.

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