the annual Yuletide guessing post

You have more chances than usual this year to guess what I wrote for Yuletide. If you guess right, you get, uh, bragging rights? And, I dunno — let’s say I’ll mail you a cover flat of A Natural History of Dragons if you want one, since I have a whole stack of them now, and no idea what else to do with them. 🙂

So, remember how I said I spent the month of November seeing how much I could get written?

This year for Yuletide I wrote eight full-length stories (i.e. more than 1000 words) and four stocking stuffers (less than 1000 words, posted to the Yuletide Madness collection).

Of the full-length stories, five were for movies, three were for books (though one of those I wouldn’t much count as a “book”) and one was for a TV show; one, as you may notice from the numbers, was a crossover. Of the Madness stories, one was for historical fiction, one was for a song, one was for a TV show, and one was for a movie.

No two stories are in the same fandom. One of them does, however, reference a character from another story. Length for the full-length ones ranges from about 1100 up to 7000 or so; for the stocking stuffers, it’s about 350 to 550. And, as a final hint, several of my titles ended up rhyming with one another, for no apparent reason. 🙂

Any guesses?

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  1. rachelmanija

    Have I read any of them?

  2. bookblather

    If you wrote the heartbreaking Strega Nona story, I’m not sure if I love you or hate you.

    Just thought I should put that out there.

  3. Marie Brennan

    Nope, not Regeneration. Would you like to try again? 🙂

    Man, for yours — I’ve read way too many good book fics recently. I’m going to guess it’s one of the Kushiel fics about Favrielle — “Kushiel’s Fall” being my top candidate — but maybe one of the Enchanted Forest stories (“The Golden Apple Tree” or “The Balance of Affection”), or “The Eye and the Storm” from Earthsea, or “A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses)” from the Magids series. Or “The King’s Roads,” from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. And I’ll stop there, before I guess every book fic I’ve kudo’d or commented on. 🙂

    • rachelmanija

      Damn, you’re good. It’s indeed one of those.

      I will have to ponder yours some more.

      • Marie Brennan

        Since I semi-cheated by naming six stories, I think I’ll narrow my guess to “Kushiel’s Fall,” “The Balance of Affection,” or “A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses)”. (I know you’ve written Kushiel before, the lesbian kiss in the Magids story seems like the kind of thing you would include, and there’s a sort of psychologist element in the Enchanted Forest fic that might be your doing — that’s why I chose those three.)

  4. teleidoplex

    Can I guess? 😛

  5. findabair

    Thanks for drawing my attention to Yuletide again; it had quite slipped my mind. So much interesting stuff to read!

    I came across a fabulous Red Riding Hood retelling that references Aarne-Thompson in the notes; would that be yours by any chance?

    • Marie Brennan

      Nope! I tend not to do the fairy-tale retellings; I’ve written too many already. 🙂

      Any other guesses?

      • findabair

        Hm, I’ve read a lot of stories I’m pretty sure are NOT yours – you’ve not written any of the WoT stories I think? and it seems that many of our fandoms don’t overlap, so the only other guess I can make is No Longer a Friend of Narnia in Yuletide Madness.

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