the reviews are starting to come in . . . .

As with the Kirkus review I mentioned before, I can’t quote the whole Publishers Weekly review at you, and it’s behind a paywall. But I can give you a snippet:

Brennan’s stand-alone novel […], written as Isabella’s memoir of her youthful adventures, and beautifully illustrated by Todd Lockwood, is saturated with the joy and urgency of discovery and scientific curiosity. […] Brennan’s world-building is wonderfully subtle, rendering a familiar land alien with casual details.

They pick up on several of the little things I am doing with the setting, which makes me bounce in my chair. Oh, and did I mention it’s a starred review?

Also, Nadine at Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Reviews praises the book for “Whimsical language, funny remarks by the narrator, and a love for science and dragons that touches the reader as much as the heroine,” and also loves Todd Lockwood’s art. I have to say, getting him to do the illustrations might just be one of the best things that has happened to a book of mine in, um, ever. ^_^

I suspect the trickle of reviews will start to ramp up pretty quickly in the next month. Also, I am going to be freaking everywhere on the internet in February and March; there’s a blog tour scheduled that will have my typing the tips of my fingers off (right while I’m finishing the second book — not good planning on my part). I’ll try to keep the links collected so this doesn’t turn into me spamming LJ with “pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!”

In the meantime, I’m off to write the bit of the novel that I have dubbed “Amateur Therapy Hour.” I think this might be meaner to my characters than any of the diseases I’ve inflicted on them . . . .

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  1. rosefox

    The ability to search reviews is reserved for subscribers.

    • Marie Brennan

      Ah, I see! I hadn’t been sent a link to the review — only the text of it — so searching was the only way I had to turn it up.

      • rosefox

        For future reference, (fill in the ISBN, with or without dashes) will turn up any review we’ve published, no paywall.

  2. brooksmoses

    Congratulations! That is a very nice review indeed; I knew I was getting a copy of the book already, but had I not known that, I would have known after reading that review.

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