not so much five things as everything on hand

1) The Red Cross book sale raised $250 (I added a bit to make a nice round number). Thank you to everyone who a) supported the cause and b) took some of these books off my hands!

2) Speaking of books, I just got the news that the Science Fiction Book Club has acquired A Natural History of Dragons as an Editor’s Pick. Given that they did the entire Onyx Court series as well, this makes me very happy.

3) Speaking of other things related to my job, both Sirens and 4th Street Fantasy are open for registration. I haven’t yet settled my con schedule for next year, but there are good odds of me being at both of these — and whether I am or not, I highly recommend them both to all of you.

4) Speaking of things related to other people’s jobs as writers, Patricia Burroughs is running a costume contest between now and December 4th. This is your chance to play dress-up and win an ebook and a gift certificate. I know some of you are costumer types, so check it out!

5) Speaking of, um, okay, I’m having trouble inventing segues . . . speaking of other people’s jobs as creative people (in this case, art), Robert Scott (he of the Urban Tarot Deck) now has an online store, selling prints not only of various Urban Tarot cards, but other work he’s done. So much pretty stuff . . . .

6) Speaking of things totally unrelated to everything above, I encourage you all to check out Rolling Jubilee. This post does a good job of articulating why I support the project, as does this one. Short form: it’s a way to short-circuit one of the systems that perpetuates and feeds the growing inequality in the United States. And I’m kind of in favor of that.

7) Giving on up on segues, this video is nifty.

8) . . . and that’s all I’ve got for now.

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Yay on the book club: that’s excellent.

  2. maladaptive

    When I saw the Rolling Jubilee it blew my mind– and I already knew how it worked, and how it could be put in motion, but I’ve been so well-trained by the system to not even think of it as a possibility.

    • Marie Brennan

      Even though I support it, there’s this knee-jerk part of me that has trouble with the idea of just “letting people off the hook” or whatever. And then I stop and think about what it means for me to have so thoroughly internalized the notion of debt as a moral obligation.

      We’ve been very well-trained by the system indeed.

  3. Marie Brennan

    I’d say 4th Street has a pretty good chance of happening again. I just haven’t made final plans yet.

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