one more thing: techie help needed

I need some technical assistance from a person familiar with WordPress (specifically, WP themes and how they work), and also CSS. Anybody willing and able to volunteer? Comment here or e-mail me at marie{dot}brennan[at]gmail{dot}com.

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  1. misslynx

    Did you find anyone to help you with this yet? I’m a web designer, with a fair bit of experience in both those areas, although whether I can commit to doing it on a volunteer basis would depend on how much work was involved. I am a fan of yours, so I’d love to help, but I have learned from past experience that I have to be careful how much volunteer work I take on or it can easily get out of hand and interfere with pay-the-bills work…

  2. Anonymous

    Re: End of Book 6

    And don’t forget Nynaeve kicking Mat while Elayne laughs, because they can’t manhandle him with the power! This after Mat had saved them in Tear and delivered Elayne’s letter to Morgase.

    And speaking of manhandling people with the power, the women do it constantly. The women always initiate “goosing” with the power. It’s like because they don’t have the physical strength of men, now that they are stronger because of saidar they abuse it like an abusive husband. It’s disgusting. Don’t get me started on Alanna raping rand with bonding.

    Min, Verin, Brigitte, Moraine (tolerable), and a few other characters don’t abuse their strengths in the power or not.

    The majority of the other female characters are just…awful.

  3. Anonymous

    Because I wasn’t sure who it was that hadn’t written it, I’ve been asking all the writers who have been doing this about the same story: that hardboiled detective/romance novel with the alien invasion in Renaissance Venice.

  4. Anonymous

    Adam Hochschild is so good.

  5. Anonymous

    Huh. I wonder why that didn’t come up when I looked? I got a Google Alert for it just now, but when I searched PW’s site before, I got some kind of message telling me I needed to subscribe, or something like that — I don’t remember the exact wording now.

  6. Anonymous

    Else Grinwell is important latter on

    IIRC Messana impersonates her at one point after she has supposedly left the tower. Jordan could probably still write that bit effectively without us knowing anything about Else but she just stuck in my head better because of this chapter.

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