disaster relief book sale fundraiser

I’m going to take care of two problems here today:

1) I would like to raise funds for the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Sandy,

2) I have way too many author copies around the house, that I’d like to get rid of.

So we’re having a book sale here at Swan Tower. Comment on this post, or e-mail me at marie{dot}brennan{at}gmail{dot}com, and I will sell you the following books at the following prices, including autographs and (if you request it) personalization to you or another person of your choice.

Note that the prices are a bit higher than they might otherwise be, to ensure that packaging and shipping doesn’t take too big a bite out of the Red Cross donation total. (I will send books overseas, too, but since this is for charity, I will probably ask you to kick in a few bucks extra to cover the increased cost of shipping.)


  • A Star Shall Fall, mass market paperback (17 copies, was 19)
  • Warrior, mass market paperback (2 copies)
  • Witch, mass market paperback (1 copy)

Please spread the word wherever you think people would be interested. I’ll try to keep this list updated in a timely manner, so that you’ll know how many books are left of each type. ETA: Total raised thus far = $245

The sale will run for one week (so, through next Thursday morning, the 8th of November).

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  1. Marie Brennan

    Yeah, they actually are my favorite titles for the books. 🙂 It took the original titles and made them parallel in a way English can’t.

  2. brooksmoses

    Could I get the hardcover of A Star Shall Fall, and one of the regular hardcovers of With Fate Conspire, please? (Edit: Oh, and personalized autographs would of course be nice!)

    • Marie Brennan


      E-mail me your address, and Paypal the money to the address I listed above.

      (I can already tell I’m going to need the car to go to the post office tomorrow….)

  3. ckd

    If I ever form a German death-metal band, I now know what to name it. 🙂

    • teleidoplex

      Ooh, good idea.

      I’m thinking I might go “Welpen und Kätzchen!” for my death-meal band.

      Who can resist ‘puppies and kittens’ in German?

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    Several Things

    User referenced to your post from Several Things saying: […] our hurricane kit. * Writer Marie Brennan has an autographed book sale to benefit disaster relief […]

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