five things make a jet-lagged post

1) I am so very, very glad that I flew from Krakow to Frankfurt to SFO yesterday, rather than connecting anywhere in the U.S. (Not even just the East Coast: the problems there have screwed up routing and plane supply all over the place.) We did have to divert half an hour further north to avoid the winds, but that’s minor compared to what could have happened with a different route.

2) My ideal would be to not leave the house today. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have enough food on hand to make that work.

3) This rendition of the X-Men, as characters in Edo-period Japan, is pretty awesome. And if I didn’t link to it before, so is the artist’s previous take on the Avengers in the Sengoku period.

4) rachelmanija has posted notes/transcript from her panel on gender roles in The Hunger Games, so if you want to see what I sound like after a full weekend of conning and my brain is leaking out my ears, go read. On the whole, I think it was a really great panel, despite exhaustion on my part. (Warning: spoilers for the whole series, including Mockingjay.)

5) Due to a rollout of AO3 code, Yuletide signups have been extended to 9 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow. Get in while the getting’s good!

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  1. Marie Brennan

    Unfortunately, breakfast delivery has not yet become a Thing.

    (If you’re feeling social, want to wander down here tonight?)

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