leaving Poland

There will (I hope) be more extensive trip-blogging after it’s over and done with, but in brief: I leave Krakow at an obscenely early hour tomorrow, after seven and a half days. We got a dusting of snow this morning, that half melted off in the afternoon, but lasted long enough to make the Basilica of St. Mary and the Cloth Hall and St. Florian’s Tower and so on look charmingly picturesque in a way I hadn’t already photographed. So kniedzw and I ran around repeating a bunch of shots, then hid from the cold in some museums, and then — when we couldn’t usefully sightsee anymore — went and watched Skyfall, subtitled in Polish. So ha-ha, I saw it before most of you. 🙂 (Short form: quite good. And surprisingly focused on the personal side, with the Big Threat being more the vehicle that delivered the personal story, rather than the major point of the film.)

I have spent the last two days with a cold I really could have done without, but even with that sapping my energy, it’s been an excellent trip. There will be many photos, and assuming I can muster the will, some chatty posts as well.

First, though, I have to endure a transatlantic flight with a cold. Oh joy.

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    Sounds awesome! Glad you had a good time 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    2) That’s what delivery is for.

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