(Yes, I know my icon is not of Poland. Hush.)

It occurs to me that if I’ve made any mention here of my upcoming trip, I did so in passing, where nobody was likely to see it (and I don’t remember it). So: I’m going to Poland! On Saturday!

I will be there for about a week, in Krakow and Gdansk. I am, quite pleasingly, the first member of my family to go to Poland; given how much my family travels, this is actually an achievement worth noting. (I beat them to Costa Rica, Ireland, Israel, India, and I think Turkey. Can’t remember if I beat them to Greece or not. They — meaning my parents and my brother — have beaten me to China, Russia, South Africa, Finland, Taiwan, Norway, Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Japan, Zambia, South Korea, France, Austria, the Czech Republic . . . yeah.)

I intend to take a great many pictures, some of which may get posted here, depending on internet access and my energy level. Try not to break anything while I’m gone. πŸ™‚

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Travel safely and have a lovely time.

  2. aulus_poliutos

    Try to fit Malbork Castle (some 50 km inland from Gdansk) into your itinerary; it’s definitely worth a visit

  3. ckd

    Have a wonderful time!

  4. pameladean

    Have an excellent time! I remember your reports about London with great pleasure, and look forward to hearing about Poland.


    • Marie Brennan

      Heh. Well, you may not get quite that kind of commentary. The London trip-blogging was brought about by a combination of a) me taking notes for research purposes and b) having to get off my feet periodically so I wouldn’t die, ergo sitting down to write.

  5. chinders

    Hope it’s lovely!

  6. hawkwing_lb

    Krakow! Don’t miss the royal cathedral and the market hall. (The more famous cathedral beside the market hall is not as brilliant as it is alleged to be, but still pretty great. But the market hall is awesome.)

      • hawkwing_lb

        Sorry. (She said, sheepishly.) I may have got a little over-enthusiastic there. πŸ™‚

        • Marie Brennan

          No need to apologize! I’m always up for recommendations. If I’d posted this sooner, recommendations for large-scale things would have been great, but at this point anybody saying “you should go to X city” is going to get a regretful “alas, we don’t have room for it in our itinerary;” however, things to see in the places we’re already going are still useful.

          • hawkwing_lb

            Well, if it’s still there five years on, there are a couple of really interesting wee restaurants near the surviving gate in the old city wall of the Stare Miasto. And somewhere around there was great cheap pizza.

            (I was only in Krakow for two days. But it made an impression.)

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