September at the Book View Cafe

Lies and Prophecy isn’t the only book that came out from BVC last month, of course. I’d like to alert you guys to what comes out there going forward, but I don’t want to spam you with book posts; ergo, I’m thinking that what I will do is put them up in monthly batches. (You can get this same information, plus various coupons and other deals, by subscribing to the monthly newsletter — just put your e-mail address in the appropriate box on the right-hand side of the page.)

The other two things out last month were:

“Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand”

In a post-apocalyptic world, the young healer Snake ventures into unknown lands during her proving year. Her genetically engineered rattlesnake and cobra provide vaccines and medicines, while the rare alien dreamsnake eases pain and suffering.

“Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand” won SFWA’s Nebula Award. It is the first chapter of Dreamsnake, which won the Nebula, the Hugo, the Locus, and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award. The story is presented by BVC as a stand-alone title, by request.

Some Enchanted Season

Kevyn Llewellyn, a struggling artist, must have the exactly right model for her next project, or she’s going to be fired. When she sees him—none other than Rusty Rivers, NFL player fighting injuries to save his career—she does the absolutely logical thing: she kidnaps him. Or rescues him… it depends on whom you’re asking.

Rusty Rivers is the kind of guy who’s squandered every opportunity, while Kevyn’s had to fight for every success. They’re as different as meteor and moonbeam, with nothing apparent in common, and yet… in this doomed, enchanted football season, dare they hope that anything magical can happen that they can believe in forever?

. . . and, y’know, this old thing. 🙂 Just in case you missed it the first half-dozen times I mentioned it.

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