Banned Books at BVC

No, not our books being banned. (Though some of them may have been. And writers always joke that a banning attempt is fantastic publicity. Can you imagine if some parent challenged Lies and Prophecy for promoting witchcraft? I mean, it really kind of does, except for the bit where we haven’t undergone a minor apocalypse that left half the population with pyschic powers. But trying to keep a book out of the hands of kids is a great way to get them to read it.)

Where was I? Oh, right. It’s Banned Books Week, and over at the Book View Cafe, we’re celebrating with a bunch of posts on the subject. Sherwood Smith kicked it off with a look at censorship through the centuries, and there are other posts about 50 Shades of Gray, the mechanics of banning, torching books for fun and profit educational purposes, and a church-sponsored burning, along with cheeky pictures of BVC authors with dangerous books.

I believe there are more planned throughout the week. I think it’s fascinating, looking at the entire phenomenon of censorship and the means by which people try to pursue it. Fascinating, and scary. Because I have grown up in the absolute belief that suppressing the written word is wrong-headed at best and evil at worst, and try as I might to understand the position of those who seek to do so, I’m never going to sympathize with it.

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  1. Anonymous

    A few questions

    – What about Egwene? Do you have any structural comments about her thread?

    – Also, Mat and Perrin. It sounds like you thing they were included to please fans, who would have been very unhappy had they been left out. But do you think this was done well? Do they carry their weight in the book, or are they just thrown in?

    -Any thoughts on Tuon and the Seanchan?

    -Do you think the Rand and Egwene pieces make a good backbone of the book together?

    -Do you think ignoring a lot of the story to focus, laser-like, on just two worked well?

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