I am an aunt!

Directly, that is, as opposed to by marriage. (I have been an aunt-by-marriage for about two years now.)

A multitude of congratulations to my brother and his wife on the birth of their son.

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  1. desperance

    Congratulations, and enjoy. I became a great-uncle a few months back; soon I shall be a great-uncle-by-proxy, courtesy of the eldest child of my oldest adult friend. And she’s only 45 minutes from us, in Santa Cruz…

  2. akashiver

    Congratulations, auntie!

  3. la_marquise_de_

    Congratulations, to you and to your brother and his wife.

  4. pentane


    The best part about aunting is not being required to change diapers. It was my favorite part of grandparenting.

  5. strangerian

    It’s a wonderful thing to be an aunt. You can be Very Cool Aunt in due time, which is amazing fun. Meanwhile, baby! Congratulations on expanding your genetic influence!

  6. d_c_m

    Congratulations Auntie Swan!!! 🙂

  7. stevie_carroll

    Congratulations to all!

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