Welcome to Welton: Kim (7/11)

Several dozen of my fellow freshmen had shown up to the first meeting of the Div Club. A month and a half into the quarter, that number had dropped sharply. We might not be as dangerous as the pyros, but we weren’t as exciting, either.

At least, to anybody who wasn’t a hard-core divination geek. People still showed to the occasional meeting, and Akila told me they got lots of messages from students wanting to set up individual readings, but when it came to regular attendance, there were only maybe thirty of us—freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

When I mentioned that to Liesel, she just grinned and said, “Thirty of you, eh?”

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This is the scene for which I had to invent a new form of cartomancy, very late one night, because I didn’t want to use tarot. Hopefully it’s at least vaguely plausible?

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Shang oracle bones!
    Excuse me. Like most western mediaevalists, I harbour a deep love of early Chinese history, because their records are so detailed and complex.

    • Marie Brennan

      Hee. I had no idea western medievalists had such feelings toward it. 🙂 Anyway, it warms the cockles of my heart that you recognize it in the first place. I learned about them in my early Chinese archaeology class, but they’re not all that widely known.

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