Welcome to Welton: Robert (4/11)

The chaotic arrangement of boxes— “arrangement” was too kind a word for it, really—made pacing damnably hard. Every time Robert went to shift them into a more useful formation, though, he was halted by doubts. It made no sense to pile them along the wall next to the window; what if they ended up putting a desk there? It all depended on the furniture. And that depended on how this suite was to be divided.

He’d been waiting since yesterday, which didn’t help. All the freshmen were moved in, and the upperclassmen—those not helping with the process—would arrive tomorrow; everyone other than Robert himself was at orientation or supper. They’d timed it well, he had to allow: the grand arrival would occur when no one was looking.

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. . . I promise there will be more content soon. It just has to wait for me to stop deathmarching through my current projects. (I wrote four thousand words yesterday, and need to do at least two thousand more today.)

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  1. Marie Brennan

    Glad to hear it!

    The story is, at its core, urban fantasy . . . but I’ve been known to describe it as near-future alternate-history slightly-post-apocalyptic semi-science-fictional urban fantasy. 🙂 (It has genetics!) So it might be more up your alley than most in the genre.

  2. Anonymous

    It could actually be someone with access to the garage, who may even have noticed you were going to leave for a few days.

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