Welcome to Welton

“So,” I said, “how different does it look?”

My mother surveyed the campus of Welton University and smiled. “This is my cue to say it seems smaller than I remember—but the truth is, it’s much bigger. It used to be all open field over there, behind Cavendish. We had epic snowball wars after second-quarter midterms.”

Her happy reminiscence made me shudder, thinking of the frozen doom that awaited me in a few months. My mother saw it and shook her head. “You’re the one who decided to go to college in Minnesota, Kimberly. It could have been Georgia Psi instead.”

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There will be one of these coming each weekday for the next little while. (And, confidential to the handful of people for whom those names are familiar: yes. This is exactly what you think it is.)

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  1. aedifica

    It makes me think of Tam Lin. “I should have gone to Harvard!”

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