Birthday Egotism, 2012 Edition

I have a tradition, dating back to 2003, of . . . well, rampant egotism on my birthday.

It’s an antidote to feelings of blah-ness (which were plaguing me on that day in 2003, and have been known to do so since). I make a post where I am only allowed to brag about the cool things I’ve done lately: no qualifications, no disclaimers, no undercutting myself. The last two years, for various reasons, I haven’t done the post in the usual manner (I’ve done other kinds of egotism-related things instead), so this time around, we’re gonna rack up three years’ worth of achievements.

I’m thirty-two today. What do I have to show for it?

I have completed three novels (A Star Shall Fall, With Fate Conspire, and A Natural History of Dragons), six short stories, three novelettes, and one novella. I’ve sold three novels (A Natural History of Dragons and two sequels), eleven short stories, two novelettes, and a novella, and the audio rights for seven stories — not to mention a chapter for a Legend of the Five Rings RPG book!

Speaking of gaming, I ran my second tabletop game (“Once Upon a Time in the West,” a nineteenth-century Scion game) and carried it all the way through to completion, making me two for two on that front. With kniedzw, I ran a one-shot Changeling game at a local convention, for about thirty-five people. I started playing in an ongoing LARP and two tabletop games, plus a one-shot LARP along the way. I’ve made soundtracks (including covers) for the Scion game, my LARP character, and the novels. I’ve made costumes of various kinds.

I attended . . . you know, I’m not going to be able to count all the conventions. A dozen or so? Including my first stint as a Guest of Honor, at Sirens. I’ve traveled to India, Japan, and Hawaii. I improved my photography skills, learning how to control aperture and depth of field, with some very satisfying results to show for it.

I got Honorable Mentions in two Year’s Best anthologies, and saw one of my novels listed among the best fiction of the year, by Kirkus Reviews. I got my publisher to not only contract Todd Lockwood for my cover art, but to do interior art for the book! I added even more to the metric crap-ton I know about English history, expanded my knowledge of Japanese folklore, and started remedying my ignorance of African history and cultures. I kept studying karate, advancing seven belts (from orange with a black stripe to the second stage of brown), and started studying kobudo, aka weapons, advancing six belts (from white to blue with a black stripe). I bought a piano and started playing again.

I started writing fanfiction for fun, and have written seventeen stories — one of which became a breakaway hits of Yuletide last year. I joined the Book View Cafe, and you’ll see the results of that soon.

I did something related to my career that I can’t talk about publicly. It wasn’t fun, but it was important, and getting through it counts as an achievement.

It’s a list worth being proud of.

So, to borrow mrissa‘s phrase again, happy my birthday to you. I’m going to a cool museum exhibit today with friends, and then dinner, and then hanging out. Please, in honor of this momentous day, take at least a few moments to do something that makes you happy. πŸ™‚

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  1. lowellboyslash

    Happy your birthday to me! Wait. Happy birthday!!

  2. marycatelli

    Many happy returns of the day!

  3. shakatany

    Let me add my Happy Birthday and many, many more.


  4. calico_reaction

    Many congrats, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. pameladean

    An excellent birthday to you. I very much liked meeting you at Fourth Street.


    • Marie Brennan

      Likewise! And it may warm the cockles of your heart to know that last night, when I decided that (it being after midnight) I didn’t have to do work anymore but could curl up with something I loved, I sat down and started re-reading Tam Lin. πŸ™‚

      (And on a tangentially related note . . . check your e-mail.)

  6. auriaephiala

    Go you! That’s an impressive list.

    And happy birthday!

  7. Anonymous

    Happy birthday, and many more happy ones. I tried to go to a cool museum exhibit today, too, but they were sold out, so I’m going next Saturday instead.

  8. carbonel

    Happy birthday! I wasn’t sure if you read my LJ, so I’m glad to have a place to tender my natal greetings.

  9. chinders

    Happy birthday! That’s a very good list indeed! πŸ™‚

  10. gelsey

    Many wonderful things to be proud of! Go you!

  11. Anonymous

    To revert to the patois of my youth: WICKED.

  12. Marie Brennan

    As well you should. πŸ™‚

  13. Marie Brennan

    No cringing! No cringing! We each have done things that others have not. I wholeheartedly encourage you to list all the cool things you have done, and celebrate them, without undercutting yourself.

  14. Marie Brennan

    Thank you, belatedly. And I am very sad to have missed you in New York; we’re going to have to fix that some time. (Thanksgiving, maybe?)

  15. Anonymous

    Mean of you to not tell us what it is. judging by the image filename.

  16. Anonymous

    Oh wow, it’s beautiful! I wondered for a second if it was even real.

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