Huge, huge congratulations to my friend Michael R. Underwood, whose first novel, Geekomancy, is out this week from Pocket Star.

It’s e-book only, which means I cannot do the traditional friend service of running to the bookstore and surreptitiously turning all the copies to face out, while having a loud conversation about how this book changed my life and even made my bed for me when I got up this morning. But I can link you to it, which is . . . okay, not as entertaining. But it’s something!

Conga-rats, Mike. A very long and energetic line of them. 🙂

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  1. ninja_turbo

    Thanks! And thanks again for the awesome blurb.

    As far as I can tell, downloading a book onto the display eReaders or leaving their store browser on the title is the closest equivalent to face-outs.

    Not that I’ve done that at any stores. *whistles innocently*

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