things that are needed

Two for me, one for somebody else. If you have suggestions for where to find these things, please share in the comments (or e-mail me).

1) A convertible duffel/backpack. Which is to say, a bag that opens like a duffel (down its long axis, rather than on top), but whose straps are intended to be worn as a backpack. I screwed up my hip recently because my karate bag (a duffel) is kind of heavy, and it isn’t good for me to wear it across my body; I can carry it like a backpack, but the straps aren’t designed for that, so they’re less than ideal. I need a replacement.

2) Music from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The TV series, not the movie which tragically never got made. (Wouldn’t it have been awesome, if there were a movie? I’m sure it would have been awesome. What a pity it didn’t happen.) I know there was never a CD release, but I’m told they made a lot of the music available online. I’ve only been able to find it streaming, though — not anything I can download. This is probably because I am pig-ignorant as to how one searches for such things.

3) Beard cover. (This would be the one that isn’t for me.) A friend of mine needs recommendations for a suitable way to cover up beard stubble, that (I quote) “doesn’t feel like spackle.”

. . . with a motley assortment of requests like that, my comment thread is going to look rather interesting. 🙂

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  1. kathleenfoucart

    I can only sorta help with #1, and that’s to say to check out JanSport. They can get a little pricey, but they have a lifetime warranty, so if it breaks, you send it back, they fix it or send you a new one. And they have about a million styles. If there’s no particular reason you need to carry the duffel (as opposed to dragging it), their wheeled packs are awesome.

    Sherpani also has some great bags, really long-lasting & take a beating, but they’re definitely spendy. (Not sure about their warranty, but I think they might have lifetime, too)

  2. kathleenfoucart

    Er, and my comment seems to have been marked as spam? I guess cause I put in links to product pages? o_O

  3. wshaffer

    You might want to look at Timbuk 2’s bags, especially their Race Duffel: I have one of their standard duffels which I use for air travel when I have to pack more than will fit in a standard carry on. It’s durable, holds a ton of stuff, and its lime green and silver color scheme makes it ever so easy to pick out on a baggage carousel. (I know that last is probably not a consideration for your purposes, but I’ve appreciated it a lot during my recent international travels.)

    As far as the music goes, I have software that can record a streaming audio source to an mp3 file, so if you can’t find a downloadable source, I could record the streaming links to mp3 for you.

    • Marie Brennan

      That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for, yeah. I wish it gave internal dimensions, not just external, but I may very well get me one of those.

    • Marie Brennan

      Also, this page has some songs that I haven’t been able to get hold of yet. (If it isn’t too much hassle to record them all, that would be my preference; I’d like to be able to compare the tracks I do have against the ones on that site.)

  4. tooth_and_claw

    I’ve got the ATLA soundtrack, and a convenient way to give it to you. Look for it tonight.

  5. Anonymous


    1. I played softball and they have something like this. It is a backpack but has “light weight shelves” that are mostly dividers but strong enough to hold something apart or up. They might work for you. There is a section to put a bat through it but that section is on the side and is not greatly in the way and I’m sure it could be converted to other uses. Most of the back packs breathe well in order to not get stinky over time.

    3. Can’t help w/ beard spackle but if he is commited to the beard try conditioner it will help it not be so rough. I make my boyfriend use my conditioner. Don’t tell him I let you know. 🙂 Or there is a product a friend of mine uses. It’s a green bottle and is labeled tree somthing or another. It’s a hair remover but it’s a clear spray and doesn’t smell anything like Nair. It’s amazing and lasts longer than shaving. It’s just a clear spray. No muss no fuss. not like those products you leave on for 30 mins, then wipe etc etc.

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: Backpack/duffel

      The goal is to hide the beard stubble (i.e. no shadow), not to soften it. Though your point about conditioner is well-taken. 🙂

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