more tarot coolness

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while: another friend of mine is also doing a tarot-oriented Kickstarter Project, for a “sequel” of sorts to the traditional deck. I have to say, I find the approach of this one rather shiny:

The Major Arcana of the Tarot proper are often understood as the way-stations of a “Fool’s Journey” towards self-knowledge and self-mastery. The Major Arcana of the New Tarot are meant to encapsulate a second and more outward-focused leg of that journey, in which the newly enlightened Fool steps out into the world to explore and to make his dreams a reality.

I especially like the new suits and their meaning. It’s a fascinating act of symbol-creation, that really makes the ears of my inner folklorist perk up.

The project is over halfway to its goal, but still has some distance to go, with eleven days left. Head on over and take a look. As with the Urban Tarot, you can lend your visage to a card, or pick from a variety of other rewards. Help get this one over the line!

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