Costume sale! For a good cause!

My friend teleidoplex has won herself a place in Clarion West, which is totally awesome.

But Clarion, regardless of direction, is kind of expensive — and that is not so awesome.

But! You can be awesome and help!

In addition to being a writer of much talent, teleidoplex is a veteran costumer. (In fact, she’s one of the people that infected me with the costuming bug when I started LARPing.) And she’s created an eBay store to sell off some of her hoard of outfits, wigs, shoes, and more, with proceeds going toward paying her way to Clarion. Some of the stuff is very costume-y; other stuff is perfectly legitimate street clothing. I heartily encourage you all (at least, all of you with a use for women’s clothing) to browse through it and see if there’s anything you might be interested in.

And if you don’t want stuff, but do want to help her out, there’s a donation button on her website, where you can chip in directly.

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  1. teleidoplex

    I love you. And not just for your pretty ankles, or your awesome cross-dressing stories, or your even more awesome Mexican/U.S. border stories. Possibly for Cerenel. But mostly for your inspiration and support.

    It is possible that going through my costumes has made me emotional.

    • Marie Brennan

      I am highly entertained by the, ah, eclectic list of my good qualities. 😀

      I’m sad to see you selling things off (though at least you’re not auctioning the Rodomer Brambleshank coat — I would NOT allow that), but I hope you get lots of bids!

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