I knew him when . . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a hearty round of applause for ninja_turbo, who has just sold his first novel(s):

Michael Underwood’s GEEKOMANCY, discovered at the Book Country website and pitched as Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Clerks, to Adam Wilson at Pocket Star, in a two-book deal, in a nice deal, for publication in 2012, by Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency (World).

He was a member of my crit group way back when he was an undergrad, so pardon me while I have a bit of a “he’s all growed up!” reaction over here. 🙂

(Not too growed up to do a public Kermit flail, though.)

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  1. alessandriana

    BtVS meets Clerks? Yup, I’d read that. XD

    Congrats to him!

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