quick question

Has anybody tried to send something to my P.O. Box and had it returned?

Two people on the Month of Letters forums have contacted me to say their letters/postcards have bounced as “undeliverable.” I’m not sure why that’s happening (since other stuff has gotten through just fine), but now I’m concerned that other people may have had the same problem.

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  1. amysisson

    Could it be because they’re addressed to a character, and that name is not on the P.O. box? Mary Robinette Kowal just posted about that very thing.

    • Marie Brennan

      No, they’re addressed to me — at least, both the ones I know that have bounced are. (That’s why the instructions say to address the actual envelope to me, rather than my characters.)

      I *think* it’s because I put two names on the application, and they forgot to tag the box with both of them. At least, that seemed to be the case when I asked about it.

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