Last call for Onyx Court letters

February is nearly over, and with it, the Month of Letters! You have a few days yet in which to write a letter to the Onyx Court; I promise to answer anything mailed to me before the end of the week (to give a few days’ grace period).

And then we’ll have the fun of seeing how long it takes the inkstains to fade from my fingers. 🙂 (No really, that trope of bookish types in fantasy having stained fingers? It’s totally true. I just wonder if there’s some trick I’m missing for not leaving little inky fingerprints on other parts of the page, because nobody every mentions that bit.)

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  1. bookblather

    I just wanted to say that I got my letter from Delphia, and OMG. It made my day. My week. My month. Possibly my life. It’s just… omg Delphia is writing to MEEEE OMG *flail*

    So thank you for doing this, and rest assured that this letter will be cherished. And possibly framed.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yay, it arrived safely! 😀

      I’ll have you know I wrote a second draft of that letter, because of the deleterious influence of Irrith’s (much messier, and much more like my own) hand. I wanted it to be purty for you.

      Feel free to do what you like with the result!

  2. squishymeister

    You are such an awesome author 🙂 it’s great that you have such an open dialogue with your readers.

    BTW, about a month or so ago I was recommended your books by one of my salsa friends after I said that I enjoyed fantasy stuff. It was such a cool moment… cause I was like “wait, Mary Brennen? Like Onyx court stuff??” I’m not gonna lie… I may have bragged a bit about turning 21 in your living room while gaming 😛

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