Letters from the Onyx Court

I’m tempted to follow in the shoes of Mary Robinette Kowal and participate in the Month of Letters . . . or rather, have my characters participate.

But I don’t want to advertise my home address to all the world, so I’d need to get a P.O. box. And that means I need to take the temperature of the Internet first, to see if there’s any interest. Would you like to receive a letter from the Onyx Court? If so, drop a comment here, on Twitter (@swan_tower), or via e-mail (marie[dot]brennan[at]gmail[dot]com) to let me know.

I figure all characters from that series (including the short fiction) are fair game, though be warned that some are better correspondents than others. 🙂 If I do this, I’ll probably ask that you put a date on your own letter, so that I’ll know when the character should be responding; after all, Lune would write a very different response in 1588 than she would in 1757. (Mortal characters contacted before their births or after their deaths are not likely to respond at all.)

I even, like Mary, have quill pens with which to respond — though it may become a tossup between authenticity of writing implement and legibility of the handwriting . . . .

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  1. not_from_stars

    I would love to get a letter form the Onyx Court! 😀

  2. ceosanna

    I would love to participate!

  3. bookblather

    Oh my God yes. I would probably frame the response, honestly.

  4. xahra99

    Hell yes. I agree with the framing.

  5. maryrobinette

    Ooo! Do it. And P.O. Boxes are surprisingly inexpensive.

    • Marie Brennan

      Sadly, the post office that’s more convenient to me has the more expensive boxes. The one that’s less convenient is 40% cheaper.

      • maryrobinette

        Curses. You might check a non-post office mailing store like Mailboxes Etc. Sometimes they are cheaper.

        • Marie Brennan

          Oh, even the more expensive post office isn’t that bad. (And it, unlike the cheaper-but-less-convenient one, actually has boxes available.) But the price definitely varies depending on location.

  6. gollumgollum

    *waves hand wildly in the air*

    I mean. Um. Ahem.

    *waves hand in a slightly more dignified manner*

  7. vanatoomas

    It would be fun to get a letter from Onyx Court!

    Even if … actually … I think should check up my great-grandmothers fiction – may-be I would find a character from there who could write to the Onyx court.

    • Marie Brennan

      Actually, one of the things I have in mind is that people are welcome to write their letters in whatever persona they like — historical, fictional, etc. 🙂

  8. teleidoplex

    You know who I want a letter from 😛

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