Thanksgiving Advent, Day Eight: Netflix Streaming

Yeah. I know. I’m lazy. But it’s true; I’m thankful for Netflix Streaming, and other services that allow me to enjoy movies and TV from the comfort and sloth of my home. 🙂

Not only because they enable me to act like a total slug, but because they make it me more willing to give a shot to various things I wouldn’t have tried if I had to make an effort to seek them out. And, as a corollary, they make it easier to give up on stuff that isn’t any good. If I’ve rented something, or waited for the disc to be sent to me, I’m more likely to feel as if I should stick it out for the whole thing, even if it isn’t really holding my interest. If it’s streaming, though, I feel very few compunctions about quitting after fifteen minutes. And that frees up more time for me to try the stuff I mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph!

(Mind you, it also means I’m apt to let such things suck away more of my time in general. But there’s a price for everything, I suppose . . . .)

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