Thanksgiving Advent, Day Five: That Bakery at the Farmers’ Market

It’s the Brioche Bakery, and they show up at our local farmers’ market every Saturday morning. Why am I grateful for them? Partly for their tasty, tasty baked goods (om nom apple cinnamon muffin, or their scones — oh, their scones), which have become the standard Saturday-morning breakfast for me and kniedzw, but also for a less direct reason.

See, their baked goods are so tasty that kniedzw and I will actually go to the effort of obtaining them, nearly every Saturday morning. Not only does this get us out of bed and out of the house, it gets us to the farmers’ market. Tasty baked goods in hand, we wander up and down the aisles, where we pick up more things: fresh-squeezed orange juice (also so very tasty), fruit to snack on during the week, specialty ravioli (like ham and cranberry and smoked gouda — it’s fabulous), and other sundry foodstuffs. At Christmas time we get a wee lil’ tree. All of which are good things, but I can’t say with any certainty that we would actually have the motivation to go and get them if it weren’t for the bakery.

So thank you, Brioche Bakery, for your muffins and scones, and also your cheesy garlic bread, and your cookies, and your loaves of other bread that tastes really good with that spreadable quark cheese the stall about halfway down sells, which reminds me, I really ought to buy some quark next week.

Yeah. 🙂

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  1. wshaffer

    Quark is delicious, but I’m always disappointed that it doesn’t come in strange and charm flavors.

  2. Anonymous

    I dunno — some of their flavors are pretty strange . . . 🙂

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