Thanksgiving Advent, Day Four: Role-playing Games

Almost forgot today’s post! Well, I’ll take my inspiration from the thing I’m about to run off and do, and say I’m thankful for role-playing games.

Yeah, you heard me; I’m about to go spend my Friday night being a gamer. (This is not at all a surprise to some of you.) RPGs are awesome, man! The way I approach them, they’re collaborative storytelling, and let me tell you — it is freaking amazing when stuff comes together, totally unplanned, into the perfect bit of story. Emergent narrative, to don my academic hat againt for a moment. I loves me a well-written novel, too, but when that stuff happens half by accident, it’s extra cool.

And playing gives me a chance to explore different kinds of characters, in ways I can then bring back to my writing. So aside from the benefit to me, there’s a benefit to you.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have go to pretend to be someone else. 🙂

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  1. chrisondra

    Those are all the reasons I love roleplaying! Especially the collaborative kind. And when things fall together, it’s amazing.

    I agree. RPGs are something for which to be very very thankful.

  2. dawn_metcalf

    Huzzah! I love gaming, too & you nailed it: co-created stories are incredible chances to expand! When someone comes up with an idea or solution I would have never come up with in a million years, that’s the kind of magic I thrive on as a writer.

    Have fun!!

  3. Marie Brennan

    Gah, I hate that. I played in one game that tended to waste a lot of time beforehand — but we played on Sunday afternoons, running as late as we needed to, so at least we still had time for actual play.

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