ridiculous costumes for your weekend entertainment

Picked these up from wshaffer: the “national costumes” from the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

2009: “This is in no way safe for dial-up, or for your sense of a just and rational universe.”

2010: “Since I have a different criteria than the judges of the pageant – they enjoy ‘bras that look like eyeballs’ and I enjoy ‘Icelandic schoolmarm’ – I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about picking a winner of my own.”

2011: “For some reason, there is a large Miss Universe contingent that forgets, every year, that this contest is coming up, and they make their costumes the night before. This year it was elevated to an art form of sucking, to the point that many of them walked the entire stage with an earnest expression of ‘What the Fuck, Seriously.'”

Warning: not drink-safe. Clear the keyboard area of all hazards before clicking through.

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  1. kythiaranos

    I saw the pictures from this year, and I’m pretty sure some of those costumes included duct tape. There are no feathers available at craft stores *anywhere in the world* now.

  2. swords_and_pens

    Oh, God. Thank you for that. 😀

  3. Anonymous

    I waited a whole two days before snarking this:

    “And now, representing District 12, Katniss Everdeen…”

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