Birthday Egotism, Level 31 edition

Long-time readers of this journal know I have a tradition of “birthday egotism” posts, wherein I stave off any birthday-related depression by making myself post, without deprecation or qualification, about the awesome things I’ve done in the last year.

This year, I find myself less in the mood for that — though not for any depressive reason. (I am, for example, damn proud of the fact that one of this year’s achievements was the completion of the Onyx Court series, ridiculous levels of research and all.) Instead, I think I’ll indulge in a different kind of egotism, and make this an Ask Me a Question post.

You can ask about anything: writing, reading, gaming, sewing, movies, music, travel, favorite breakfast foods, my opinion of the Cathar heresy. I’ll put the answers in new posts.

And now, I’m off to enjoy my first day of being level 31. (With thanks to yuki_onna, from whom I believe I stole the phrase.)

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  1. teleidoplex

    On Fanfic…

    If somebody were to ship your characters, what would be the _most wrong of all wronginess_ ship you could possibly imagine, and why?

    A corollary to this: if someone were to write a crossover between the Onyx Court books and another series, what cross would you most want to see, and what cross would make your soul shrivel and die in your body?

  2. teleidoplex

    Also, Happy birthday!

  3. tooth_and_claw

    Are coming to visit Bloomington anytime soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. sandmantv

    What is a villain?

    Also, happy birthday!

  5. arkessian

    So, the Cathar heresy then…

  6. mrissa

    Happy birthday! Glad you stuck around to level up.

    What I want to know about the Cathars is why they didn’t use their heresy as an excuse to get more names. They seem to have kept using the same three or four names for everybody. This is not an ideal system, I feel.

    • alecaustin

      Because names were of the material world and thus impure, silly. Wanting your own name is the first step to falling into the power of Rex Mundi!

  7. mariness

    Happy birthday!!!!

  8. deadboxoffice

    Hope you have a happy birthday lady!


  9. starlady38


    If you were to write anything in the Onyx Court world post-series ending, what would it be about and when would it be about?

  10. tekalynn

    Congratulations and happy birthday!

  11. alecaustin

    Happy Birthday!

    Did you ever get a chance to do the research you wanted to do for the Mt. Hiei story?

    Also, under which edition of D&D (if any) are you level 31? (4e would break in half, but you’re okay under 3e’s Epic level rules, and still within parameters for Classic D&D…)

  12. marycatelli

    Many happy returns of the day.

  13. bookblather

    Since people have already asked about the Cathar heresy…

    How do you feel about Mary Queen of Scots?

    ETA: This is your birthday song! It isn’t very long!

    hahahahahaha I can edit comments now the power the POWER

  14. logovore

    Happy birthday!

    Travel/reading mashup:

    What fictional settings would you most like to (temporarily and safely) visit?

  15. wshaffer

    If you were a rock star*, what instrument would you play, and what would your band be called?

    *Of course, you are a rock star. But I mean literally.

  16. stevie_carroll

    Happy Birthday!

    Do you have an unlikely favourite place in London (out of your top whatever places in London as opposed to your very favourite place)?

  17. dmstraylight

    If a PnP RPG based on the Onyx Court series was produced, what system would you want it to use and why? How about for Doppelganger? Driftwood?

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