Bookday plus one

I neglected to mention before that With Fate Conspire will be a Main Selection for the Science Fiction Book Club’s holiday catalogue. That means all four books of the series have been picked up by the SFBC, which makes me really happy.

Woke up this morning to an e-mail containing my Booklist review; I can’t link to it, but I can quote Frieda Murray:

Brennan’s research is impeccable, and her pictures of a London not too well known on this side of the pond are first-class, as is the weaving of the human and fae settings. Her characters, both major and minor, are well drawn and memorable. Brennan’s own fans, historical-fantasy fans, and lovers of classic fantasy will find this a must-read.

Also, I’m featured over at Mindy Klasky’s blog, as part of the “Inside Track” feature, wherein authors go “behind the scenes” of their books. If you’d like to see me talk about the waltz I did with dates in this book, head on over there.

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  1. shveta_thakrar

    We will celebrate next month! *excited*

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