Let’s get Conspiring!

Thaaaaaaat’s right, folks . . . it’s the street date for With Fate Conspire.

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little nervous about this one. I have a lot of reasons to be: it’s the end of the series (at least for now), which always raises the questions of “did I stick the landing?” Also, it’s my first hardcover release, which brings extra hopes and expectations. Also also, well, let’s face it: this is a rough time for the publishing industry, what with Borders going belly-up. Nobody really knows what that’s going to do to sales figures, but it’s going to be rocky, that’s for sure.

Which is by way of introducing a small plea: if you intend to buy this book, then sooner is better than later and in a store is better than online (unless you’re buying the ebook, of course). And if you like the series, tell people about it. (Heck, tell people about it even if you don’t like it! My ego will survive.)

Onward to the reviews!

Liz Bourke at Tor.com approves of the working-class and Irish bent of the book.

Cat Barson at Steampunk Chronicle reviews the book for fans of steampunk, and mostly likes it.

Sarah at Bookworm Blues hasn’t read the previous books in the series, and also isn’t a fan of faerie fantasy, but still enjoyed this one.

Also, I have the Big Idea slot today at John Scalzi’s blog Whatever (which previously hosted a Big Idea for Midnight Never Come). And finally, SF Signal has included With Fate Conspire as one of the three contenders in their most recent Book Cover Smackdown.

Now I need to decide whether my professional duty to go see my book in the store is strong enough to overcome the incredible soreness of my quads . . . ah, the downsides of biking for such errands.

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  1. findabair

    Happy bookday and congratulations!

    I see they don’t have it listed yet in the online version of my local fantasy and sf store (www.outland.no – they do have your other books, listed as horror for some reason), but I’m sure it’ll be in the physical store next time I visit, so I’ll be sure to grab it then 🙂

    • Marie Brennan


      . . . horror? I mean, I do some mean things to my protags <cough cough plague>, but that isn’t really my genre . . . .

  2. sartorias

    Congrats! Looking forward to it!

  3. teleidoplex


    Going to buy my copy after work 🙂

  4. alecaustin

    The Other Change of Hobbit hasn’t called me to say that my copy is in yet, but I’ll check in after work today just in case.

    Happy release day!

  5. dsmoen

    It was the Scalzi entry I read that led to my downloading a sample. I’ll probably buy it in the next few days (I use book samples as a placeholder for books I intend to buy on payday).

    Hope it does well for you! The conflict between The Underground and fairies sounded pretty darn cool.

  6. starlady38

    Congrats! I’m looking forward to this one extremely!

  7. jehane_writes

    Congratulations on US-bookday! Presumably it makes its way out to stores in South East Asia soon? (The local Borders has indeed also gone belly-up, though, despite being owned via a separate structure from the US corporation.)

    • Marie Brennan

      It should get out there eventually, yeah, but I don’t know how long it will take. The mysteries of international book distribution are not something I’m well-versed in.

  8. shui_long

    Unfortunately those of us the other side of the Atlantic will have to wait until 17 October… not fair!

  9. between4walls

    Mission accomplished

    Snagged one of the two copies at the local B&N. How could I not like a book that quotes Omar Khayyam and Stanzas on Grand Chartreuse?

  10. ombriel

    Belatedly–Happy Book Day, and congratulations!!!

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